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Knitted Landscape


Materials: Porcelain and nicrome wire, framed in acrylic
Dimensions: 60cm high x 30cm wide x 8cm deep
During this commission I became fascinated by the slow transformation of the rotting granite into china clay and the knitting of the china clay amongst all the other materials within the rocks of St Austell’s china clay mine. This combination of materials within the ground and the faster process of detangling the china clay from all the other materials it is entwined with, and then its re-combination with new materials to make products, has been an inspiration. Because of the remarkable knotting and unravelling of china clay in the landscape my approach was one of exploring textile processes and combinations of materials to articulate these states. My explorations into the combination, integration and transformation of textiles, metals and porcelain have lead to the creation of a series of five porcelain and nicrome wire ‘knitted landscapes’.