‘What you really collect is always yourself’ – Proposal 1


Materials: Photographic and digital visualisation for porcelain cast in clear resin
Dimensions: When made each panel would be 175cm high x 50cm wide x 7cm deep
Commissioned Public art proposal for Clarks Village. Porcelain and semi transparent fabrics embedded within sheets of crystal clear resin. There would be five panels arranged in a rose formation. As a whole they would form a loose cylindrical shape which could be walked through like a maze.
Inside the resin sheets are parts of garments, starting with a coat in the two outside panels. Further in is a shirt and trousers, and in the centre panel are undergarments.

This piece is about the objects with which we surround ourselves and what our collections say about ourselves. By dissecting the layers of the garments which we choose to buy and to surround ourselves with, it creates the opportunity for the audience to experience the intimacy and personal connections linked to these possessions.