Materials: Porcelain, projected video, chair, metal hook, nicrome wire. Performer featured in video: Hazel Plowman
Dimensions: Life size – 140cm high x 35cm wide x 35cm deep.
‘Porcelain Slip’ shows a garment worn in the home as private expression of self-identity. Garments like this can represent who we are or what we want to be seen as. The garment has travelled through the everyday ritualistic movements of the body: sleeping; sitting; washing; dressing. It holds memories for its wearer about who gave it to her, the first time she tried it on and felt the silkiness slip over her skin, the personal addition of a ribbon which her grandfather had given her, the companionship of being with her through everyday spillages, washing, tearing and mending. These memories now flicker within the folds of the fossilised garment left behind.